Protein Shakes for Women to Gain Weight

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Protein is essential when you wish to build muscle. Protein could be received in any form either through a good large meal or through a healthy drink. Protein shakes are much preferred as they are not time consuming. Protein drinks are often recommended by most gym trainers and even by doctors. For women, protein is necessary to provide the energy to do all her works. Preparing a protein shake is very easy, so it is favoured by many athletes. Protein for women is administered to gain weight but for women it is the reverse. Women who intend to reduce weight can depend on protein drinks alone.

Importance of protein:

Protein shakes can help in reducing fat content. Carbohydrates are said to be instant energy sources and so, when a work has to be done our liver burns carbohydrates to get energy. This easily available energy forms prevent fat burn. If carbohydrates are limited and protein is raised, then our body will be in search of an alternative source to get energy and thus burns fat. Burning fat is essential for a good metabolism. One important reason to drink protein shake is to supply protein since women can store all carbs and fats but not protein. Protein which is the micro nutrient, cannot be stored due to body conditions of women and so it has to be delivered through shakes.

Ingredients and Recipes:

Protein shakes have taken the place of breakfasts. Most working women find it difficult to get the nutrients, especially protein amidst of their busy schedule. That is they are not having enough time to prepare their breakfast that can provide enough energy to work. So they need an alternative that can save time and also provide enough nourishment. Protein shakes serves all these needs. All those ingredients used to make a protein shake are available in any market and they could be easily stored in refrigerators.

Every single ingredient added to prepare a protein shake is free from fat. Yoghurt, skimmed milk, frozen berries are some commonly used stuffs to make a shake. You can also add some smoothing bases or even protein powder that is extracted from natural raw organic sources. Most protein powder for women doesn’t contain enormous amounts of protein. The body conditions of women don’t support to heavy nutritious foods and so this change has been made. However it is advised to depend only on those natural organic food types rather than to use protein powders.

Some simple recipes for protein shake for women is given below.

  1. 6 ounces of juice
  2. 1 scoop egg white powder or protein supplements
  3. Ice cubes.

Stir this mixture fine and it is ready to be served.

  1. 6 ounces of water
  2. Banana
  3. Protein supplements
  4. Ice cubes

Banana is rich in protein and you can also replace it to some other fresh fruit types. All protein shakes for women should be free from fat.So avoid sugar and other artificial sweeteners. It is easy to prepare a protein shake, Better try it at home and let us know your thoughts through comments.

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