Weight Gain Powder for Kids

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Most of the parents across the world have started giving weight gain powder to their kids in order to increase their weight. Before, only the lean persons, athletes and the weight lifting persons go for these weight gain powders and pills to increase their body weight. But now these weight gain powder is available for kids also. These weight gain powder will be more effective for the kids who are very lean and help them in gaining muscles and also increasing their body weight. Weight gain powder, also increase the immune system and health to a great extent. Another important thing to be noted while taking these weight gain powder is that, you should take at least 7-9 hours of sleep time. These weight gain powders are nothing but the proteins that helps your body to gain weight enormously. Here are some weight gain powders available

Whey protein:

Whey protein is one of the most effective supplements to increase the body weight. This is the best supplement to stand as the alternate to the protein components achieved from the milk products and the meats. This whey protein is obtained from the milk, when the milk is turned to the cheese. Whey protein helps in the production of the amino acids which is responsible for the muscle growth. Whey protein is more effective when taken after a good workout. After the workout the body will be ready to replenish and thus will react better to the supplementation.


Another supplement that helps in increasing the body weight is the creatine. Creatine is the naturally occurring compound in the body. Creatine is responsible for supplying energy to the muscles. If you are taking creatine supplement, then it is necessary to drink plenty of water. Creatine is more effective when taken half an hour before the good workout.


Glutamine is one of the effective body building supplements. This will help in increasing the performance of the body. Glutamine is very essential to gain weight if we carry out intensive workout. Glutamine will help in building the body muscles and thereby increasing the body weight. The main work of glutamine is to reduce the muscle breakdown occurring during the heavy workout. Glutamine is also considered as the source of energy next to glucose.

Most of the weight gain powder for kids come with the delicious flavor that will be loved by most of the kids. It is always better to take the doctor’s advice before proceeding with any body building supplements. These supplements should be taken regularly to experience better results. Giving fatty acids to gain body weight is dangerous to health as it may cause severe troubles later. But these weight gain protein powders are the best alternative to the fatty acids and will help in gaining the body weight in a shorter time periods.

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